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Get your own "Paving Project Manager" - Pavement Evaluations, Bid Specifications, Pavement Repair Plans, Multiple Competitive Proposals, Site Management, Workmanship Inspections & Performance Verifications
Properly designed and built pavement maintenance jobs - last up to 40% longer than poorly built jobs.  If you don't understand how that could be, you might be saving 10-15% up front, only to lose 40%, or more, after the fact.   Does the State "workmanship" warranty mean anything any more?  Find out how it can!
You need your own "Paving Project Manager" to show you how.
This site was completely rehabilitated.  All asphalt was ground up, mixed into and saved on site with existing base rock.  Site was regraded for improved slopes, new planters, new curbs, new storm system, based rock re-installed and added to and paved at 3" AC.  Entire site was completed without engineered plans, but entire site installed without a single problem.  Completed in 2007.  Rick Scheibley managed the entire process.
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