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About our services

Reliable Pavement Services (RPS) has begun a service to help fill the void of accountability and integrity, in the pavement industry.  RPS will provides property owners & managers a service that allows their interests to take top priority, while at the same time receiving the benefit of having multiple & competitive bids.  We remove the need of multiple salesmen from doing site evaluations and replace them with your independent RPS pavement manager.   This pavement manager will service the property owner with details and specifications that will allow the owner the "best bang for his buck", regardless of the budget.  Too many private paving jobs today are being done with sales techniques that allow the paving company far too much room for squeezing the quality right out of the job.  At the same time most property owners/managers do not have the required working knowledge, time or desire to monitor the pavement crew.  Therefore many jobs today are being done with poor design or more frequently poor application.  This void of integrity has left many pavement owners with jobs that do not last as they should, yet many today do not even know this is the case.  RPS has a plan that will eliminate this lack of integrity while at the same time keeping the costs the same as previously common to the paving industry.  The cost does not increase though the integrity of work does increase.  This is possible due to today's changing technology.  Today's computer technology in the hands an RPS pavement manager, will produce solid pavement repair plan and bid details.  Once the owner and his pavement manager decide upon the work to be completed, the bid package is electronically sent to the chosen bidding contractors.  The multiple contractor bid prices are then submitted to the property owner/manager for final review, which now includes the services of RPS.  The property owner/manager chooses the  sub-contractor to be awarded the job, all the while knowing in fact the bid specifications are going to be fully met.  The RPS pavement manager marks the site to specifications, schedules the job, monitors and inspects the installation of the pavement work and finally verifies materials quantities.  This will be accomplished by site visits, inspections, materials verification reports, pictures and other documents allowing the owner full confidence that the job was completed according to agreement.  Thus the property owner/manager has a pavement project that not only is verified but will also last longer that previously expected.  RPS effectively increases the quality of each job - all the while eliminating the need for multiple site evaluators.

RPS has been gaining the knowledge, experience & integrity to provide all of these services since September, 1979:

  • Provide owner/manager their own "Pavement Evaluation Professional" - who represents their interests first, not the paving sub-contractors.
  • Provide owner/manager the freedom of maintaining multiple paving contractor "salesmen" or contacts - allowing RPS to manage direct them.
  • Evaluate each site and develop a Pavement Evaluation Report (PER) - use of rating system to be used on each site - as desired by owner
  • Provide owner/manager the (PER) for evaluation and input, budget evaluation and final decision making.
  • Provide owner with budget pricing - previous to any paving contractor giving his/her "spin".   Not so much a negative, just a fact.
  • Provide owner a copy of all bid documents
  • Send electronic copy of bid documents - sufficient for each paving company owner to bid job without "salesman" salary or overhead costs
  • Assist owner/manager in final selection of paving company - to be done with price and other critical issues in mind (performance history)
  • Secure valid insurance back up
  • Assist owner/manager in scheduling the work, marking site according to design and specifications
  • Site evaluation and inspections to be provided by RPS  - verification by pictures, videos and materials quantities and spec's reports
  • Provide pavement contractors with Performance Reports - for historical company rating.  Factor of who bids what kind of jobs for RPS
  • Payment processing to paving contractor upon receipt of funds from owner/manager... assuming evaluation accepted by owner. 
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