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Service Applications
Below are some samples of pavement applications RPS (Rick) has already managed and completed, through the 32 years I have been in this industry:

Elkridge Estates

          Office Building - Before                      Office Building - After

              Shopping Center - Before                    Shopping Center - After

The Miller Home

                Schools - Before                                   Schools - After           

ACME professional Building

  Industrial Lot - Before                (During)                 Industrial Lot - After

                       High Quality Coating             -vs-               Low Quality Coating

Reliable Pavement Services - will make sure you never get the low quality coating!!                                                                                                                                            

Distinctive differences in the quality of seal coat can lead to major differences in the number of years the asphalt is protected and sealed.
Here is a list of the different issues many contractors skip...
 - proper cleaning, tack oil (almost all contractors), 2 coats (edge to edge both coats), amount of water added, amount of sand added (some brands of sealer), amount of latex added and finally application method... brooms or squeegee as final "touch".
Property Owners and Managers may want to spend the day watching the paving & sealing work they are paying for... "yeah right".  When was the last time that happened?  Respectfully, even if most did, they don't have a working knowledge of what they should be looking for in their paving companies workmanship and or materials.  You need an Independent Paving Manager, who has the skills, knowledge and time, to do this site management for you.
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